About Us

KleanBlade™, invented by a SAHM of three, is a device designed to clean ceiling fan blades without making a mess in the process. Usually, as soon as "other" dusters touch the dust, it flies everywhere...all over that white down comforter and freshly vacuumed or mopped floor. Not anymore! KleanBlade is a novel, patent-pending product that will prevent the second mess from ever happening by completely engulfing the fan blade, then snapping closed in order to trap, remove, and dispose of all dust, allergens, and microscopic particles. It is your new best friend when it comes to cleaning. We are currently in the "finalizing prototype" stage in order to prepare for mass production, manufacturing, and distribution. If this is something you are/would be interested in, PLEASE provide me with your feedback/thoughts/ideas via email/contact form. This product is made with love and purpose, to solve my problem (and yours), in a way that has never been solved or marketed before. Any suggestions are widely and openly appreciated. Thank you for your interest in KleanBlade™!